NINEFEB UK began as a team of technical authors with an automotive background but the client base quickly broadened to include other industries such as rail and plant. The expertise in the company subsequently expanded to include specialists in other transport industries such as rail and aviation.

Our focus is always on the customer and their requirements, and we offer a bespoke service in dedicated teams where the emphasis is on quality while keeping value for money in mind. We are sensitive to the demands of safety critical industries and current regulatory requirements.

Our specialists constantly keep abreast of technological progress in their own and new industries and embrace developments and advancements, most recently in control systems, fuel types and software.

There is an increasing demand for new, cleaner, more efficient transport and industry is rising to meet these new expectations and challenges. NINEFEB is privileged to be part of this journey into the future, writing and translating manuals for all the latest technologies.

Our talented, creative team have many years of experience using the following software in the rail, automotive and air industries but will always adapt to individual customer requirements:


Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Framemaker
Adobe Illustrator
Cinema 4D
Congree Authoring Server
Ixiasoft CCMS
Schema ST4
Unreal Engine
Various XML Editors

It has never been more important to compete globally and to enter a new market with a sensibility to local customs and practices which will result in success. Our specialists in localisation can advise on this. When documentation is destined for translation, we prepare it in a compatible format and language. We use, for example Simplified English or Standard Technical English (STE) to help with clarity and costs.

For in-house translation projects our native speakers use translation management software such as Trados, CaféLingo and MemoQ as appropriate.

As part of our quality management process all documents are proofread by four eyes for technical accuracy and use of language.